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ISNetworld® Guide

Introduction: What is ISNetworld®?

ISNetworld® is a safety compliance documentation database managed by ISN Software Corporation®. ISNetworld® is designed to meet the documentation requirements of both governmental and internal standards.

ISN® verifies contractors across many industries as safe and compliant in accordance with a variety of state, federal and provincial regulations. Being verified by ISNetworld® means your business meets the safety standards required to operate in the industry.

ISNetworld® Collects your safety documentation, Verifies that it meets client requirements, and Connects you with new potential clients.

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How do I get ISNetworld® Compliance?

Contractors upload their safety documentation to ISNetworld®. ISN® will then review and score the company, giving them a Dashboard Grade. Owner Clients can then see if the contractor meets their safety requirements.

Process Overview

➊ Account Creation and setup
Once you pay the ISNetworld® subscription fee, you must complete some basic ISNetworld® online training that familiarizes you with it’s features and functions. Afterwards you must fill out your company profile.
➋ ISNetworld® Questionnaires (MSQ)
Next you will need to complete the questionnaire. You may need to answer questions concerning Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) training, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and additional company information.
➌ Document Submission
Finally, you will be required to upload all the requested safety documentation by your client. This may include written safety programs, insurance documentation, OSHA forms and your EMR Letter.
➍ Review and Verification
Once you have uploaded all your documentation, ISN® will review and verify it resulting in a Dashboard Grade™ on a scale of A to F.
➎ Account Maintenance
You may be required to update your information on a regular schedule to remain in compliance.

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Alpha Compliance Group assist businesses and contractors in obtaining safety compliance quickly and inexpensively. We work with both single contractors and large companies. We are a full service provider and will handle all the paperwork for you.

Complete Compliance Solution

Within 12 hours We:

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Safety Compliance Questions?

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ISNetworld® Terms and Glossary

Dashboard Grade: The grade issued for a contractor by ISNetworld® on a standard scale of A to F, where A is the best passing grade, and F is failing.

EMR: Experience Mod Rate. The ratio of workers’ compensation claims experience to other employers of similar size operating in the same type of business.

MSQ: Management Safety Questionnaires. There are a variety of MSQ, all of which cover a range of topics, including safety and performance grading. Approx. 1800-2200 questions.

OSHA 300/ 300A logs: OSHA Record keeping form of serious occupational injuries and illnesses. Recordkeeping

RAVS®: Review and Verification Services. These are the written health and safety programs required for ISNetworld® approval. RAVS® must be written and submitted according to guidelines set by ISNetworld® and other regulatory bodies.

T-RAVS®: Training Review and Verification Services.

I-RAVS®: Insurance Review and Verification Services.



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