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Contractor Pre-Qualification

Contractor Pre-Qualification

We’ll take care of it for you.

At Alpha Compliance Group, we specialize in facilitating and managing third-party verifier safety program requirements.

You’ve probably heard of a few third-party verifiers: ISNetworld®, PICS® Auditing, PEC Premier®, CanQual, etc. But what do they do, and why do they matter? Third-party verifiers validate contractors working in the oil, gas, and petroleum industry as safe and compliant contractors. Pre-qualification is a simple concept unfortunately weighed down by complex procedures including a comprehensive account set-up and extensive written safety programs.

Alpha Compliance Group takes care of everything for you. You call us, we chat for a bit, and from then on we carry the weight of the pre-qualification process for you. We will walk you through every step of the way and guarantee 100% completion of your account in 12 hours!

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There are five key components to pre-qualification. Alpha covers all five:


We pulled apart the Occupational Health and Safety legislation for the United States and every Canadian Territory and Province to narrow regulatory requirements to contractor needs.


100% account completion within 12 hours, guaranteed.


We build fully-compliant and fully-customized EHS manual for your company, as mandated by your contractors and/or owner-clients.


100% account submittal within 24 hours, guaranteed.


We will manage and maintain your account up to speed with current regulatory demands.



+44 800 808 5249

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