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Safety Training & Compliance

Safety Training & Compliance

Safety First. Our Safety Training Solutions Keep Your Company Compliant and Your Employees Safe.

State and Federal regulations vary for companies depending on several factors: location, size, industry, etc. Alpha works for you to meet your company’s compliance requirements.

OSHA, OHS, MSHA. They all have specific training requirements. Alpha will take care of those requirements by providing you with comprehensive, customized, and compliant training through weekly safety meetings, policies and procedures manuals, and training kits focussing on common workplace equipment and hazards. Targeted training will increase the safety knowledge base of your employees, creating a safer and more optimized environment for your business.

If you have any questions, concerns, or more information on how to handle your company’s safety compliance and training, give us a call! We’d love to hear from you.

Safety Compliance Questions?

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Products & Services

OSHA Regulations require companies to have safety programs and ongoing safety training in place to ensure safety in the workplace and the health of a company. We meet and exceed these regulation standards with our two categories of safety training & compliance:

Safety Manuals

  • Written Manual – An OSHA must. Answer a few questions with us over the phone and we’ll write it up for you.
  • Customized To Your Business – Includes all required, industry-specific chapters. Also includes company logo, vision statement, and other pertinent company information.
  • Maintained and Updated – Company name change? Change in administration?  Need new chapters? Not a problem. Let us know, and we’ll take care of it.

Safety Meetings

  • Written Training Meetings – Ongoing, documented safety meetings are a must. We’ll write them for you and send them right to your doorstep.
  • Customized To Your Business – Includes company logo and supervisor name.
  • Chapters On-Demand – Request training on specific workplace requirements, and we’ll write it for you.

Training Kits

  • Company-Wide Programs – Fast, Simple & Affordable. Guaranteed 100% certification and awareness training of  your companies employees internally.
  • Train and certify an unlimited amount of your organizations employees –  All employees are certified upon 80% passing score of the training. Tests can be retaken to guarantee complete competency and approval.
  • All-Inclusive Training – CD-ROM Training, Printed material including; Instructors Manual, Study Guide, Certificates and Wallet Cards included.




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